Our History

The Illinois Billiard Club and Bonnie’s Dining & Banquet facilities are basically two separate entities, yet offering the optional use of both facilities for the purpose of hosting private functions. The concept of bringing together for social entertainment both elegant dining and historical billiard entertainment was first introduced by the prominent, private Illinois Billiard Club.

Founders of the Illinois Billiard Club, Jim and Bonnie Parker in 1989 joined together in yet another marriage. This time, the Parker’s joined together each of their dreams governed by their personal philosophy: “While no one can be all things to all people, all people, will one day come together for one thing … the celebrations of life itself.”

In 1989 and driven by their success, the Parker’s moved their home and businesses from their birthplace in Chicago to the country charm of Willow Springs and began providing their banquet and billiard facilities to literally tens of thousands of delightfully satisfied guests. After bringing together both a pleasant dining experience and their fun-filled elegant presentation of a 15th century game to now benefit a 21st century society, Jim’s Illinois Billiard Club and Bonnie’s Dining and Banquet facilities, together and for the special celebrations of life have reached the pinnacle of man’s ability to service his fellow man.

In 2023, Jim Parker, who still works closely within the billiard club, sold the business to Bob Taft, who reopened on March 4, 2024 under the new name of Bonnie’s Cafe & The Illinois Billiard Club. 

Today, as the oldest, most historically elegant, individually founded, owned and operated private billiard club in North America, the Illinois Billiard Club & Bonnie’s Cafe invite today’s 21st century society to enjoy a fine meal, and, the fun filled game of billiards … all presented within the charm, tranquility and grandeur of their 19th century country home.